When I just got into the beauty industry there was a lot of noise about skin care and I remember jumping from one blog onto another to try and figure out a good skin care regimen. Let me just add they didn’t help don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of information out there but none for newbies.

First important step is DRINK water I can’t stress enough on this point this helps wash off the impurities in your system.


After, purchase the must-haves which are a daily wash, a scrub, a toner and a moisturizer.


  1. Wash your face both morning and evening
  2. Scrub your face (this can only be done once a week) or if you have a daily scrub that’s ok.
  3. Tone (morning and evening)



You can add a mask which is also a weekly routine and not every day depending on the state of your skin.

Don’t forget when buying skin products to ensure you are purchasing for your skin type. Personally, a number of friends and family requested me to buy Clinique and seeing I love their foundation their skin care products didn’t work for me.

Important note, if you apply makeup regularly it is good to invest in a good cleanser this will be your first step to enable you to remove all the makeup, then start the process.