Some Of The Biggest Beauty Mistakes You’re Making

I know there has been an increase in knowledge in the beauty industry, with Youtube, Pintrest and Instagram beauty hacks and how to do is at the scroll of your finger but have you ever considered that in the beauty industry makeup trends come and go due to weather. That’s why they’re summer looks, fall looks and so on.

the looks determine the kind of weather if it hot they are certain primers or foundations to use. and cold season as well. We have been experiencing hot weather so here are some of the things to consider in your makeup bags.

You’re using a primer with silicone. “Primers are known to help with the longevity of makeup, but silicone-based primers will dry out and suffocate your skin. Use a water-based one instead. Your skin will look hydrated


Water based primers                                           Silicon based primers


You’re stuck using bronzing powders. “Overbronzing in the hot season is a chronic problem. If your skin has had any sun exposure, chances are it will have a drier texture, and applying powder will make your skin look drier. Try nourishing the skin with a cream bronzing product







Cream Bronzer

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You’re applying entirely too much foundation. “It’s hot. Keep it light and dewy, not heavy and cakey. Heavy foundation and heat will cause you to look very oily, and your foundation will slide all over your face.

You’re overdosing on finishing powder. “A lot of people use too much powder during the warmer months, and when powder keeps getting reapplied it eventually just starts to look caked on. Your skin doesn’t breathe. Instead, use a sheer foundation or a tinted moisturizer, and opt for powderless blotting papers.