Hoot hoot!!!! finally my birthday came through…..and again it was a reminder of how fast I’m growing old. That just means more eye cream and moisturisers for me. So I’m in my mid-30s and what does that mean for me as a makeup artist or what does it mean for me in the beauty industry?

Anyway I thought this time round I wanted to do a good photo shoot. At the time one of my favourite songs was playing in the background if you are young enough you probably know it lol  ” Don’t stop believing”  by Journey and that’s where my idea was born an 80’s photo shoot.


So why the 80’s what is there not to like about the eighties? the bright makeup the endless layering of clothes, gloves lets not forget the leggings and bright stockings agggrrrrrrrr (by the way the song ‘don’t stop believing’ is still playing as I type this. PLEASE listen to it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcjzHMhBtf0


So the one thing I loved about this particular look believe it or not is the band around my head and the gloves. But this shoot reminded me how much I enjoyed modelling even now as a mother.

Photography by Leon and Styling by Mia Bella


Hey bad Riri I have my own version apparently. What I missed I know is the


Photography by Leon. Styling by Mia Bella


Fish net stockings…..but nahhhhhhhh this look is iconic