Hey beautiful people. I know you are probably wondering what has internet got to do with beauty? I can tell you this internet is a way of life right about now. I had one of the worst experience with Zuku a few months ago.

That said I’m constantly on social media either looking at what my fellow beauticians have uploaded or just me uploading my content.

So this one time Zuku did not perform for 2 whole weeks!!!! Really 2 weeks and I pay for services but get TV channels that I honestly don’t watch and a telephone that I don’t use either.

Then, there I was making a phone call and it hit me Safaricom’s data is to expensive why don’t I get their WIFI? It was already installed for free in my hood I just never bothered to pay because they didn’t have Tv (I think there is a huge majority that gives this same excuse). If you do own a laptop or a smart Tv you can log onto Kenyamoja.com

Anyway I made a conscious decision to jump ship and join Safaricom. Was it the biggest mistake in the world????? No not really on the contrary the best decision ever.

Safaricom has enabled me to upload my youtube videos in 3 three minutes, what used to take me 26 minutes. I stream educational videos without the circle confirming its buffering for 6 minutes. There customer service is actually really concerned when I do not get the services I have paid for.


Photography by Tek Production Services