They are so many eye primers in the market currently, the list is endless. Other than eye primers some beauties prefer using concealer which actually works the same though primers have their benefits. Think of a primer like glue, and a concealer is more of creating a plain canvas to paint on.

So my makeup supplier asked me to do a product review and she handed me kiss beauty at first I wasn’t to keen because of the brand name. Please note Kiss beauty has not disappointed me so far, their lash glue amazing, their brow tattoo great so why not give their primer a chance.

First I decided to compare two primers. So on one eye I applied my usual Mac eye primer and on the other kiss beauty. I don’t know how to break it to you lovelies but the kiss beauty did a much better job compared to the Mac. The eyeshadow popped more compared to the other eye.

Benefits of the kiss beauty eye primer
1. Its reasonable
2. You can get it locally
3. Its very light and not to oily
4. It drys on the eye fast

To order your very own Kiss beauty primer contact Nilma Khan on 0727652148