Once the big 40 arrives they are two elements of the skin that production decreases these are collagen and elastin the two elements responsible for firmness.


Make sure you have a good cleanser one that does not too harsh on your skin that strips the oils forcing your skin to replenish causing a break out. Ideal ingredients will include: fragrance free, soap free, hypoallergenic.


Toner is very important, why? Toner balances out the PH and provides a better appearance to your skin. Using your toner daily is more effective.


The skin is unable to repair itself unlike when it was its younger self. Vitamin C is best to help protect against UV damage. The serum also helps in collagen production.

Eye Cream

he skin around our eyes is so thin that without protecting it and moisturizing it, it can end up looking tired, lined, saggy and discolored. That’s why its advisable to start applying eye cream when we are younger.


You will need two moisturizers. A moisturizer with SPF for the day and a heavier moisturizer for the evening at bed time. Also, as the weather gets colder and drier, don’t be afraid to find a thicker moisturizer.