So there has been this craze for a while now. In the beginning it seemed  cool but now I just feel like it’s pressure, just like any other craze I guess. I should probably ask my mum for my egg photos for me to win this #tbt contest!!!!

I might not have a killer #TBT but I would like to take you back to a shoot I did with Lysa and boy wasn’t it fun. I was able to push my boundaries and work on more makeup looks that are not nude looks.

You should be the judge on how I fared on this weeks #tbt contest .















I was really impressed with myself moving from the red, neutral or brown lips to white blue.


And the ladies I worked on were really amazing.


So moving on, the next project was seeing how creative I could get as a makeup artist. I have been a serious fan of Cleopatra, well they are Beyonce fans I’m a Cleopatra one. Therefore I drew my inspiration from pyramids and Cleo.



Over the years I have heard the darker the lady they should avoid bright coloured lipsticks but that’s really not the case look at the next photo.

Well I finished it of with my fantasy, rubbing off makeup from the face with your hand and I think this looks so cool ( really wish I could put emojis here lol).


Happy Hunting huns.