Well, I have had an eventful weekend, and I thank God for that. My friend Asiya went over and above to make sure I was as busy as a bee. Shout out to Asiya.

It may come as a shock to you guys out there but after my makeup gigs, my case and brushes look like they were at war with The Night King! I won’t lie to you, I hate washing my brushes and cleaning my case but it needs to be done.

Photo by Emma

Dirty brushes










So what are the hacks for cleaning brushes? You ask to throw them in the dish washer (I’m just kidding). I really hated the fact that I had to keep putting baby shampoo on my hands or the brush scrubber and keep washing it. I had to come up with a solution and fast.


So dish washing soap was the brightest idea that I came up with I know it sounds ridiculous but hear me out. It takes one single wash and if you’re so particular about soap damaging your bristles it hasn’t damaged mine yet. Drying them is the trick but that’s why you should wash them a day before your makeup job.

Another thing I don’t do is, wash them after every job, that’s why I invest in a brush cleaner I personally use Clinique’s brush cleaner. I do this so as not to ware out the brushes.