I have had this question countless of times. “Emma what is my foundation? Please recommend me a good foundation?” Now they are very many thing you need to consider when buying your foundation. like….

What skin type are you?

They are 5 kinds of skin types, these are oily, dry, normal, combination and sensitive. Major keys to remember

Oily skin
Go for the powder foundation with the matte effect

Dry skin
Cream or liquid foundation with a moisturising sensation

Combined skin 
Powder or liquid foundation with high water content

Sensitive skin 
Hypoallergenic is a must, also a medium to full coverage foundation will be advisable to cover the textured skin. Ensure your brushes and sponge are clean before application.

Normal skin 
I dare to say these are one of the lucky ones when buying foundation you can buy according to what look you want to achieve. You can go for the dewy look or matte. So either liquid or powder foundation works.

An important note to remember, what is coverage I know you hear it a number of times, but how does it determine how to pick your foundation. Well coverage simply means how much of your natural skin you want to show through your foundation, medium to full, light to medium and full coverage.

Once you have figured what your skin type, we go to the next step which is undertones.

This is the one term not too many people pay attention to. Neither is it a way to complicate things. It’s very simple to identify your undertones.

So how do you spot your undertones you ask? Simple look at your neck and the inside of your arms.

We now have all the key elements of knowledge on foundation for yourself. You then go ahead and pick 3 foundation colours that are close to your skin tone. Test them on your neck and the one that will disappear is your perfect foundation colour.

Now you’re ready to SLAY.